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Wired Espresso is operated by William in Lower Hutt.

William first worked as as a barista whilst studying computer programming.

Eventually he decided staring at a screen was not his passion.

His passion was for Tools and Engineering.

Later re-finding his feet within in the Coffee Industry, William has worked for

companies such as Havana Coffee Works, Ripe Coffee Company, DKD Espresso,

Espresso Servo, Kokako, Hawthorne Coffee, Toasted Espresso, Espresso Direct and Coffee Chic.

With almost 10 years experience as a Technician, William worked for many years as a barista

before he eventually was moved into a Roastery Dispatch and Technical role.

With roasting under the belt, he has worked all aspects coffee roastery production

including Specialty Coffee Preparation and Latte Art.

William has appreciation for coffee lovers, and enjoys sharing his knowledge.

WIRED ESPRESSO's mission is to provide quality specialty services to the wider-espresso community.

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